Saturday, September 10, 2011


Vero Beach, FL (SafeCITY) - Kathryn Moody, a 19-year-old Florida woman was jailed after she was allegedly caught stealing twice in the same day.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office, Moody was first arrested after she went to an area Wal-Mart, pulled a $90 area rug from the store display and then went to the customer service counter to get a "refund" on the rug.

She also allegedly stuffed a t-shirt and a pair of thong underwear into her purse without paying for them. She was charged with retail theft and released from jail after posting a $500 bond.

A few hours later, Moody and a friend went to an acquaintance's home to borrow money. While inside the house, Moody allegedly entered the home owner's bedroom and stole $600 worth of jewelry. She then argued with the homeowner and punched a window as she left, according to the arrest report.

Investigators say the jewelry was pawned and used to buy pills.

Moody was booked into the Indian River County Jail with additional charges of Felony burglary, felony grand theft and criminal mischief. She is being held in lieu of $6,000 bond.

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