Friday, September 9, 2011


Andre Lumboga, a 50-year-old Manado man was eaten alive by hungry dogs after leaving the animals to starve while he went on vacation.

According to local officials, seven dogs were left without food and water for 14 days while Lumboga went on vacation. When he returned the hungry animals reportedly attacked and devoured him.

Investigators say the man's remains were found after a neighborhood guard noticed Lumboga's luggage lined up in front of his home for an extended period of time. When he approached the home, a foul odor prompted him to call police.

"His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in front of his house," stated a police spokesperson. "We suspect that the dogs were hungry, so they attacked Andre, because they had not been fed for 14 days.

Police also found the bones of two other dogs who are believed to have been eaten by the other dogs.

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