Thursday, October 20, 2011


Chandler, Arizona (SafeCITY) - Martin Soto, a 43-year-old Arizona man, was jailed after he allegedly licked a woman's wounded knee and face after she fell in the employee parking lot.

According to police, a woman who had just finished her work shift was walking to her car when she stumbled and fell in the employee parking lot. The woman reportedly suffered a scraped knee during the fall.

Three men from a nearby construction site drove by in a golf cart to see if the woman needed assistance.

One of the construction workers helped the woman to her feet and she continued on to her car. Two of the men hopped back into the golf cart and returned to the construction site. Soto, however, remained behind.

Investigators say Soto approached the woman as she sat in her car with the driver's door open. That's when Soto reportedly asked the woman to show him her wounded knee.

When the woman rolled up her pant leg and exposed her scraped knee, Soto allegedly leaned over and licked it.

The woman told police that she was "freaked out" and quickly rolled her pant leg back down.
"As she was doing this, she said this person reached up with both of his hands - one going under her shirt, the other on her left side as if he was hugging her. She said he then licked the left side of her face several times before she was able to to push him off and shut the door," stated a police affidavit.
Soto was booked into jail after the woman identified him in a police line up. He was charged with suspicion of assault.

Monday, October 17, 2011


New Castle, Delaware (SafeCITY) - Thomas Love, a 40-year-old Delaware man has been jailed after he allegedly tried to rob a bank with stick-up note that the teller couldn't read.

According to New Castle Police, Love entered a New Castle bank and then handed a teller a note that demanded cash.

Investigators say the teller handed the note back to Love and explained that she couldn't read his handwriting. She asked Love to rewrite the note on a bank deposit slip.

In a bout of confusion, Love reportedly fled the bank on foot. He was spotted by a New Castle police officer and was taken into custody a short time later.

Love was booked into the Young Correctional Institution on a charge of second-degree attempted robbery. He is being held in lieu of a $2,000 bond.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Lee County, Virginia (SafeCITY) - Louis Lindsey, a 50-year-old Pennington Gap man was jailed after he allegedly killed another man over a package of crackers.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Department, police were called on reports of an injured man laying on the side of the road. When they arrived on the scene, they found Lindsay. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Investigators say Lindsay told police that he had gotten into a fight with a man at a nearby residence over a pack of crackers. When officers checked the home, they found 40-year-old Emery Freeman on the porch. He was deceased when officers arrived. Police stated that Lindsay reportedly choked the victim to death. His body was sent to Roanoke for an autopsy.

Lindsay was booked into the Duffield Regional Jail on charges of first degree murder. He is currently being held without bond.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Delhi, California (SafeCITY) - Kraig Stockard, a 54-year-old Delhi man was jailed after he allegedly called police and reported that his CD's were stolen, which were later found to be full of child pornography.

According to the Merced County Sheriff's Department, Stockard called police on September 12th and stated that two people had broken into his barn and stole several CD's and other items.

The two suspects, a 19-year-old and another juvenile, thought that the discs were blank and asked a relative to burn some music for them. When the relative put a disc into the computer, they discovered that it contained child pornography.

Investigators say after the child porn was found, the thieves immediately called police and explained the situation. Detectives confiscated the CD's, and discovered that more than 30 of them contained thousands of child porn photos and videos.

Detectives searched Stockard's residence, confiscating three computers, three laptops and several external hard drives from the property. Stockard admitted to possessing the porn, which officials say he has been downloading since 2004.

Stockard was booked into jail and charged with possession of child pornography. He was released after posting $25,000 bond. The burglary suspects were not apprehended.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Jacksonville, AL (SafeCITY) - Roman Angel Salinas, an 18-year-old Haneyville man, was jailed after he allegedly broke into a veterinary clinic and made himself at home by shooting up an animal sedative, raiding the office fridge, and even watching porn.

According to Jacksonville police, veterinary assistant Leigh Ann Moody arrived at her work at Bonny Brook Veterinary Clinic Tuesday morning to find Salinas asleep under a blanket in the break room.

There were two syringes nearby and evidence that he had taken Xylazine, a sedative for large animals (like horses).

Moody also noted that it appeared that the man took food from the office refrigerator, watched TV, and watched pornography on the office laptop.

Investigators say the drug could have been deadly for Salinas, possibly making his heart stop. Officers had to shake him to wake him up and were still waiting for him to rouse fully later that afternoon after he was placed into custody.

Salinas was booked into the Jacksonville City Jail and charged with burglary. He is being held without bond.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Farmington, Michigan (SafeCITY) - Tim Adams, 54, and Rita Daniels, 71, were jailed early last month after they reportedly had drunken sex inside a vehicle that was parked in front of a family restaurant where children were dining with their families.

According to police, an officer was dispatched to the parking lot of Luigi's Italian Restaurant after patrons noticed two naked people having sex in a Buick Regal that was parked a very short distance from the restaurant's front doors.

When the officer arrived, he found the windows of a 2002 Buick Regal fogged up with "heavy condensation." Inside the vehicle were two naked people engaged in a sex act that caused the vehicle to rock where it was parked.

When the officer opened the door and asked the subjects inside what they were doing, Tim Adams allegedly responded "I'm f****** this chick."

The officer interrupted the couple's tryst by ordering them to get dressed and exit the vehicle. The officer described the couple as having poor dexterity while noting a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle's glove compartment.

Adams exited the vehicle and spoke to a second office that had arrived - officer Wood - while the woman stayed inside the vehicle and continued to get dressed.

The officer noted that the couple was seen by a family leaving the restaurant, including what appeared to be a 10-year-old boy.

The couple was booked into jail on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication. While in custody, Adams reportedly stripped to his underwear and remained that way for an undisclosed period of time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Malone, N.Y. (SafeCITY) - Clyde Gardner, a 57-year-old New York man, was sentenced to 15 years in jail after he plotted to kill his ex-girlfriend while dressed up in a dead bear's carcass.

According to prosecutors, Gardner had a unique idea when it came to murdering his ex-girlfriend. Kill a bear, skin it, then use the dead bear's carcass to cover himself and make it appear as though the bear killed the woman.

Gardner even plotted to keep the bear's paws intact, so that he could use the bear's claws to slash the woman to death.

Investigators say Gardner staked out the woman's home, watching her moves with a pair of binoculars. He began the plot after his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. The couple reportedly had one child during their five-year relationship.

After determining that his bear plot would first require finding and killing a bear, Gardner changed his plan and instead attempted to hire a hit man.

Detectives believe Gardner offered a friend $15,000 to murder his ex-girlfriend by crashing a vehicle into hers. Gardner, who is an experienced demolition derby driver, told the would-be hit man that if the car accident didn't kill the woman, he should use a piece of glass to slice her throat.

Fortunately, the man Gardner tried to hire went to police instead.

During sentencing, Gardner stated that he was drunk while making the offer and would have called off the plan after he sobered up.

Gardner was sentenced to 15-years in jail after pleading guilty to second-degree conspiracy. He is also barred from contacting the woman until 2031.