Thursday, October 20, 2011


Chandler, Arizona (SafeCITY) - Martin Soto, a 43-year-old Arizona man, was jailed after he allegedly licked a woman's wounded knee and face after she fell in the employee parking lot.

According to police, a woman who had just finished her work shift was walking to her car when she stumbled and fell in the employee parking lot. The woman reportedly suffered a scraped knee during the fall.

Three men from a nearby construction site drove by in a golf cart to see if the woman needed assistance.

One of the construction workers helped the woman to her feet and she continued on to her car. Two of the men hopped back into the golf cart and returned to the construction site. Soto, however, remained behind.

Investigators say Soto approached the woman as she sat in her car with the driver's door open. That's when Soto reportedly asked the woman to show him her wounded knee.

When the woman rolled up her pant leg and exposed her scraped knee, Soto allegedly leaned over and licked it.

The woman told police that she was "freaked out" and quickly rolled her pant leg back down.
"As she was doing this, she said this person reached up with both of his hands - one going under her shirt, the other on her left side as if he was hugging her. She said he then licked the left side of her face several times before she was able to to push him off and shut the door," stated a police affidavit.
Soto was booked into jail after the woman identified him in a police line up. He was charged with suspicion of assault.