Sunday, September 11, 2011


Davenport, Iowa (SafeCITY) - David Winkleman, a 48-year-old Iowa man was arrested after he allegedly failed to appear in court on charges of driving a vehicle without the owner's consent.

But you and I both know why he's earned a place on WeirdCRIME. It's as if the answer was plastered all over his forehead.... and well... in fact, it is.
Many Iowans are familiar with the story, but I'm sure they won't mind if we share it with you.

Winkleman and a friend reportedly became walking billboards for a now-defunct radio station after disk jockey, Ben Stone, joked on the radio that he would offer a $150,000 to a listener who was willing to have the station's logo permanently tattooed on his/her forehead.

Winkleman accepted the announcement as a legitimate offer, went to a tattoo parlor and promptly had his forehead inscribed with a tattoo that read "93 Rock, The Quad City Rocker."

When Winkleman and his buddy presented their achievement to radio station managers, they were informed that there would be no payout.

Winkleman filed suit against the station's parent company, Cumulus Broadcasting, however, the case was later dismissed when Winkleman's tattoo buddy failed to show up for a court ordered deposition and follow court instructions.

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