Monday, June 6, 2011


Barry Sinfield, a 36-year-old man, was sentenced to 25 weeks in jail after he ripped the head off a goose and then chased people around a crowded park with it.

According to Court testimony, Sinfield swung the Canadian Goose around by its head before throwing it to the ground and repeatedly kicking it. He then trapped the bird's neck against the ground with his foot and used both hands to pull its head off.

Investigators say Sinfield had consumed up to 20 cans of strong lager with a friend when he spotted the goose at Coventry's Swanson Park October 20.

After Sinfield pulled the bird's head off, he laughed and chased his friend around the park with it. He pointed the head at several passers-by and threatened to smear them with blood.

'The goose was trying to get away. The man was stamping on the goose's neck,” said 16-year-old witness Charlotte White. “I could see the goose was still moving its body. The man started to move his foot along the goose's neck. By this time I was crying and people around me were saying how sick the man was. Even now I break into tears when I think about it."

A vet estimated that the bird would have suffered for up to four minutes of pain before eventually dying.

Sinfield was photographed laughing with friends outside the court before the hearing.

Chairman of the bench Dave Sykes said: "The bench has decided that this case was so serious that the defendant must be sent to prison today."

Sinfield admitted to causing the animal unnecessary suffering before starting his 25 week sentence. He was also banned from owning animals for life.

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