Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Williamston, South Carolina (SafeCITY) - Tony Ellison, a 50-year-old South Carolina man was jailed after he allegedly bit off part of his girlfriend's ear and then lost his dentures in the process.

According to Williamston police, Ellison and his girlfriend, Yolanda Smith, were arguing about money when Ellison leaned over and bit off a portion of Smith's ear.

Investigators say Ellison only managed to bite off a portion of the woman's ear.

"I'm glad that's all he got. He had over half of my ear in his mouth trying to bite it off," said Smith. "You're good to someone and you can't understand why someone wants to be that mean."

During the arraignment hearing, Ellison admitted to biting off part of his girlfriend's ear, and stated that he had lost part of his dentures in the process.

Investigators say the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. Neither the teeth or the missing portion of ear were recovered. Smith stated that Ellison either spit it out or swallowed it.

Ellison was booked into jail and was charged with first-degree assault and battery.

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