Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Church Hill, Tennessee (SafeCITY) – Bradley Wallen, a 30-year-old Tennessee man, was arrested after he allegedly peeped at women in a changing room prompting 10 angry women to detain him until police arrived.

According to the Church Hill Police Department, Wallen was caught looking through a hole in the wall partition between the men and women’s changing room.

Investigators say Wallen was discovered by a woman who dropped something and when she bent over to pick it up, she noticed an eyeball peering at her through a hole which was about the size of a pencil.

After being discovered, Wallen tried to leave the store but was detained by 10 angry women, made up of customers and store employees, until police arrived.

Several months prior, store employees discovered a pencil sized hole in the partition just above the floor, and patched it.

On Tuesday, Wallen took several shirts into the men’s dressing room and occupied himself there for about 15 minutes.

“Based on detailed statements from witnesses, we allege that Wallen reopened the hole and was attempting to watch females undress,” said Church Hill Police Chief Mark Johnson. “We also allege that Wallen took at least one cell phone photograph of a female while she was inside the dressing room. I cannot go into specifics involving witnesses nor their statements at this time.”

Wallen was booked into the Hawkins County jail on charges of observation without consent and photographing in violation of privacy, both of which are Class A misdemeanors. He was released on bond.

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