Thursday, March 3, 2011


Holbrook, Massachusetts (SafeCITY) - Andrew MacDonald, a 20-year-old Massachusetts man has been sentenced to jail after he reportedly bit off a chunks of a man's ears after the two got into a brawl over Facebook.

The fight, which began when the two men traded barbs on Facebook, became physical when both men ran into each other at a local McDonalds restaurant. After a few heated words were exchanged, fists began flying.

"In the course of the fight, MacDonald grabbed the victim in a bear hug and bit his upper right ear off, and he spit the piece of the ear out on the pavement," said prosecutors in a press release statement. "As the fight continued, the defendant was again able to put the victim in a bear hug, at which time he bit the lower portion of the victim's left earlobe. The defendant then spit that piece of the ear out on the pavement."

Investigators say a friend of the victim collected the ear pieces from the ground and transported him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

MacDonald was arrested a short time later and was later indicted on two counts of mayhem. In court, MacDonald pleaded guilty to both counts.

Norfolk Superior Court Judge, Kenneth Fishman, sentenced MacDonald to two years in jail, but suspend all but 60 days of the sentence.

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