Friday, March 4, 2011


Gilbert, Arizona (SafeCITY) - Eugene Gimzelberg, a 32-year-old Arizona man was jailed after he fell naked into a manhole while high on PCP, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms

According to police, firefighters were dispatched to the scene after passersby reported hearing someone screaming for help from inside a sewer pipe.

When firefighters finally fished Gimzelberg out, he was naked except for a shoe. Investigators say Gimzelberg suffered major injuries during the fall including multiple skull fractures and lung injuries. He was rushed to the hospital and listed in serious but stable condition.

During questioning, Gimzelberg initially told officers that he went into the manhole to rescue children who had fallen in. He later admitted, reportedly, that he climbed into the manhole in an effort to avoid officers because he was high.

Investigators offered no explanation as to why he was naked except that he was high.

Gimzelberg was booked into jail on charges of trespassing and criminal damage.

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