Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bangor, Maine (SafeCITY) - Anthony Bowie, a 21-year-old Bangor man was jailed after he allegedly stubbed a cigarette out on his sister's face after she complained about the amount of tobacco he had used to roll his cigarette.

According to police, Bowie's sister was angered when she allowed him to use her tobacco to roll his own cigarette, but he ended up taking more than she told him he could have.

When an argument broke out between the two, Bowie allegedly broke a lamp and then stubbed a cigarette out on his sister's face.

Investigators say an interview of witnesses led them to determine that Bowie also punched his girlfriend in the mouth two days earlier.

He was booked into the Penobscot County Jail on two counts of domestic assault and criminal mischief.

Another woman at the residence, Sarah Hooper, was also taken into custody on outstanding warrants.

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