Thursday, March 17, 2011

CALL 911

Sandusky, Ohio (SafeCITY) - Joseph A. Walsh, a 26-year-old Sandusky man faces additional charges after he allegedly called 911 from a jail cell to report that he was being "held against his will."

According to the Sandusky Police Department, officers were called to the Water Street Bar on complaints that a man was arguing with other bar patrons. The bartender attempted to tell the man to leave the premises, but to no avail.

Investigators say Walsh was given an opportunity to leave the premises peacefully, but when he continued to fight and argue, the officer took him into custody.

During the arrest, officers found a plastic bag containing a white substance believed to be cocaine in his coat pocket and a rolled $20 bill containing suspected cocaine residue on it. While police were transferring him to jail, he continued to be belligerent.

When he arrived at the jail, Walsh began yelling and screaming while pounding on the cell door. A short time later, he retrieved a cell phone from his pocket and called 911 to report the "poor treatment" he was receiving at the facility. At one point he claimed that he was being "held against his will".

Operators transferred Walsh's call to a jail employee who informed him that they would "send someone up" to check on him.

And by sending someone, officers likely intended to confiscate the cell phone Walsh shouldn't have had in jail to begin with.

Walsh was booked into the Erie County Jail. and was charged with possession of cocaine, persistent disorderly conduct and misuse of 911.

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