Monday, October 11, 2010


Chicago, Illinois (SafeCITY) - Jimmy McCoy, a 27-year-old Chicago man was jailed after he allegedly drove off in an ambulance while paramedics were in the back, attending to a family member.

According to Chicago police, McCoy's relative suffering from a diabetic epidsode was riding to the hospital in an ambulance when McCoy apparently decided it was time to get going. While paramedics were attending to the patient, McCoy jumped into the driver's seat and began to drive it to the hospital.

Investigators say paramedics immediately reported the incident via radio. A firetruck who had accompanied the ambulance to the scene blocked the road, allowing authorities to take McCoy into custody. The patient was taken to the hospital in another ambulance.

When questioned, McCoy stated that he thought he could "get to the hospital quicker."

McCoy was booked into jail and charged with felony unlawful possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Records show he had been arrested 32 times prior to this incident.

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