Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lockland, OH (SafeCITY) – Selma Elmore, 44, of Lockland, was arrested, but that shouldn't come as a big surprise to Ms. Elmore – after all, she did ask the officer if she had any warrants out for her arrest. And when the officer told her she did, she didn't get far before she was chased down and placed in handcuffs.

Elmore was out and about in the wee hours when she flagged down an officer to ask if there were any warrants out for her arrest. When he advised her that she did, she bolted down the street prompting Officer Lyons to give chase.

According to the Lockland Police Department, Elmore first approached Officer Lyons at 2:30AM and asked if there was a curfew for adults in Lockland. When he informed her that there was no such curfew, she asked him to see if she had any outstanding warrants. A quick computer records check revealed that she was indeed wanted after failing to pay a drug-related fine.

According to the arrest report, Elmore took off down the street with Lyons following close behind. Elmore pushed the officer into a building, injuring his elbow, however an arrest soon followed.

Lyons was taken to Bethesda North Hospital where he is being treated for injuries and possible nerve damage to his elbow. He is expected to be out of work for a short time.

Elmore was booked for her warrant and for an additional charge of resisting arrest. Bond information was not available.

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