Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Davidson County Sheriff's Lieutenant cost tax payers nearly $100,000 after she reportedly ripped gold teeth right out of an inmate's mouth.

According to the Davidson County Sheriff's Department, 31-year-old Anthony McCoy was taken to the Metro Jail on child-support, harassment, and order of protection violation charges.

During his booking, Mayhew told McCoy that he had to remove his "grill" before being placed in a cell.

When told that they were cemented and could not be removed, the deputy reached into McCoy's mouth and ripped out the jewelry, stripping off the enamel on the inmate's teeth.

The cost in dental repair to the man's teeth has been estimated at $10,000.

Investigators say despite pleads for help, McCoy was forced to suffer through the pain with no treatment other then Tylenol for 10 days.

Nashville Metro Council has awarded a $95,000 settlement with McCoy to avoid a lawsuit. Since this incident, a new policy has been put into place that specifically prohibits jailers from removing an inmate's "grill".

Mayhew received five days suspension and was demoted for her actions.

McCoy was released from jail after being convicted of the previous harassment charges.

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