Friday, March 26, 2010


Orem, Utah (SafeCITY) - John White, a hooped earring clad Utah man was jailed after he robbed a convenience store of two phones and then flagged down the investigating officer to ask for directions.

According to Orem police, the day's festivities began when White reportedly walked into the Maverick gas station in Orem and asked the attendant if he could use the phone.

The attendant let White use the store's cordless phone, however when White complained it didn't work, the clerk gave him his cell phone to use. When the clerk turned to help another customer, that's when White reportedly fled the scene with both phones.

Investigators say they arrived at the gas station to take a report when they discovered White had left one small clue behind. A piece of paper containing an address.

Investigators were en route to the address, hoping to find White, when the officer encountered a motorist along the way who flagged the officer down. The man reportedly asked the officer for directions to an address - yes, the same address which had been written on the paper left at the crime scene.

What's more, the man's description matched the description given by the gas station attendent and the man was in possession of two phones. Yeah, it really doesn't get much dumber than this.

White was booked into jail on suspicion of theft and marijuana possession.

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