Thursday, March 25, 2010


Mishazi, Jilin province, China (SafeCITY) - Xiao Wei, a 16-year-old China man, survived an attack by a local gang last week after refusing to load unauthorized software onto the computers of the Internet cafe where he worked.

According to Chinese media, the gang asked Wei to load illegal software onto the store’s computers in an attempt to beat the teenager’s record high score on the video game Counter Strike. The gang had accused him of cheating.

When Wei refused, a fight ensued and Wei had a kitchen knife plunged through his left temple.

Doctors at the 2nd Affiliated Hospital at Jilin University were stunned when Wei entered the facility with the help of friends who were holding him up. Doctors initially thought it was a student prank until the teenager collapsed.

"His face was covered in blood, but he was still conscious,” said Prof Yan Shijun, the hospital’s deputy director of neurosurgery.

Surgeons operated on him for two hours to remove the blade. X-rays and CAT scans confirmed the blade had not hit any main arteries or nerves.

Police are examining security CCTV of the attack while doctors say the teenager is likely to make a full and miraculous recovery.

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