Monday, March 29, 2010


Las Cruces, New Mexico (SafeCITY) - Austin Purifoy, an 18-year-old New Mexico man was indicted after he allegedly defecated in a man's car, thinking it belonged to his girlfriend.

According to Las Cruces Police, officers were called when the owner of a Honda walked out to his car to discover Purifoy in the back seat pulling up his pants.

Upon seeing the car's rightful owner, Purifoy reportedly asked "This is your car? I thought this was Desiree's Car." Purifoy then allegedly fled the scene.

Investigators say the car's passenger side window had been shattered with a rock, the glove box had been ransacked and some change turned up missing.

In addition, police say, the glass door of a nearby business had been shattered by a cinder block. Footprints leading away from the business matched up with the distinctive tread pattern belonging to a pair of shoes Purifoy owned.

Officers apprehended Purifoy a short time later in a ditch. He told officers he was there because he didn't want his girlfriend, Desiree, seeing him smoke.

Purifoy was booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center on two counts of criminal property damage and one count of breaking and entering.

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