Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Palisade, CO (SafeCITY) - Chad Thomas, a 34-year-old Colorado man was arrested Tuesday after he attempted to use a Whizzinator device during a random drug screen test - and then tried to bribe the state worker who caught him.

According to police, Thomas was on parole when he attempted to defeat a random drug screen using a Whizzinator device. He then allegedly tried to bribe the caseworker after he had been caught.

Investigators say a caseworker because suspicious of Thomas after he tried to block the worker's view as he provided a urine sample.

When the worker asked Thomas to raise his shirt and lower his pants, the worker discovered he had worn a Whizzinator device to the facility in an apparent attempt to provide a clean urine sample as opposed to his own.

The "Whizzinator" is a device that is worn under the clothes - providing a fake penis and a bag that is used to store a clean urine sample. The user then submits the sample out of the bag instead of urinating his/her own sample into a cup.

When Thomas was discovered to be wearing a Whizzinator device, he allegedly offered the case worker $300 to throw the Whizzinator away - however the caseworker refused. Thomas then reportedly offered the case worker $500, which was also refused.

Thomas was on parole after pleading guilty to charges of menacing and criminal mischief back in 2007. He was paroled in March, 2008, qualifying him for random drug tests as a condition of his parole.

He is now residing in the Mesa County Jail on fresh charges of felony bribery and parole violation. Bail in his case has been set at $10,000.

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