Sunday, February 7, 2010


Citrus Heights, California (SafeCITY) - Cataldo Cristiani, a 69-year-old Citrus Heights man was arrested after shooting a dog that had "pooped" on his lawn.

According to police, Cristiani was arrested after officers responded to a report Saturday morning of a dog named "Midge" that had been shot and a man seen going into his home with a rifle.

Upon arriving at Cristiani's residence, officers found a small dog with a wound in its side. The dog was dead.

Sgt. Janet Schaefer said officers determined Cristiani shot the dog with a BB gun when it entered his yard. Cristiani said he didn't intend to kill the dog, Schaefer said.

"I'm crushed and devastated that someone could do that to my little dog," said Midge's owner, Louisa Minyard.

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