Thursday, January 14, 2010


Kansas City, MO (SafeCITY) – Alesha McMullen, a 19-year-old Kansas City woman was jailed after she tore up a McDonalds lobby because the messed up her order. She later told police she was "just having a bad day."


According to Kansas City police, McMullen became angry after she ordered a “cheeseburger snack wrap”, but received a regular cheeseburger instead.

When employees offered to make her the snack wrap, she declined and demanded a cash refund.

When employees explained that they could not give her a refund, she became irate and threw a water dispenser and a plastic wet floor sign over the counter, then pushed three registers off the counter, breaking one of them. Damage was estimated at $3,000.

McMullen was identified through calls to the TIPS hotline after police released the surveillance tape of her rampage.. They arrested her at her apartment where she was found hiding in a closet.

When questioned by police, McMullen admitted to her burger rage and said that she was “having a bad day”.

McMullen was booked into jail and charged with Class D felony property damage. Bond information was unavailable.

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