Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Kansas City, Mo (SafeCITY) - 46-year-old Douglas Stangeland, 44-year-old Lonnie Swarnes, and 21-year-old Andrew Wadel, three Missouri men (above) were jailed after they allegedly kidnapped a New Jersey man and drove him almost 1,200 miles before realizing that they apparently kidnapped the wrong guy.

According to Kansas City police, the suspects reportedly asked a New Jersey pet store owner if his name was Jeff Muller as he was walking to the store to open it.. When the 59-year-old man (left) confirmed that was his name, the suspects shot him with a stun gun and bound his hands and feet.

When they were inside the getaway car, the suspects lied and told Muller that his wife was being held hostage in the couple’s home.

Authorities were alerted when Muller's wife went to the pet store and found it still locked with Muller's eyeglasses, lunch and vehicle left behind.

Muller stated that that his captors drove all night with a gun held to his head.

The suspects were heading for Stangeland’s home in Nevada, MO when they had car trouble. A convenience store clerk in the small town of Lake Ozark, MO witnessed the victim attempt an escape and called the police. When officers arrived the trio were restraining the bruised and battered victim.

Investigators believe that this was a case of mistaken identity. It is unclear why the men were looking for a Jeff Muller.

Stangeland, Swarnes, and Wadel were booked into jail and charged with first-degree kidnapping. Al three are being held without bond.

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