Friday, August 5, 2011


Frederick, Maryland (SafeCITY) - Andrew Scalera, a 44-year-old Fredrick man was jailed after he allegedly chased and then injured an employee with a medieval battle ax.
The resulting injury caused a gash so deep, it chipped the man's bone.

According to Frederick police, the victim, who works for Scalera's painting company, was filling out work orders at Scalera's home when Scalera woke up and began accusing the man of stealing quarters from his bedroom.

When the victim denied stealing anything, Scalera reportedly began choking him. Scalera then ran to his bedroom, retrieved a medieval-style decorative ax, and said "I'll kill you. I am Italian and you know how I am".

Scalera then swung the axe at the victim, leaving a two-inch gash on his forearm. The victim attempted to ward Scalera off with pepper spray, but was unable to stop the attack. Scalera then took another swing with the axe, but missed and broke a glass door instead.

Investigators say the victim was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment. An X-Ray showed that the ax had cut all the way to the bone. Police met the victim at the hospital and received a statement from him.

Deputies were also sent to Scalera's home, where they found a bloody towel that the victim used to stop the bleeding on his arm. They also noted that Scalera had duct-taped the window on his door where the glass was broken. Officers believe alcohol may have been a factor in the argument.
Scalera was booked into jail and charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

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