Saturday, July 23, 2011


Chicago, Illinois (SafeCITY) - Tehir Malik, a 47-year-old Illinois man has been sentenced to two years in jail after he allegedly practiced law without a law license.

And apparently he did a pretty good job at it, according to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart who said Malik "practiced law for years undetected because he did everything right except for the law degree."

Investigators say Malik handled more than 60 cases before staff at the Skokie County courthouse discovered that he wasn't licensed to practice law.

He reportedly handled cases that involved everything from traffic citations and minor criminal infractions to mortgage foreclosure cases.

Malik was sentenced to two years in prison after he allegedly pleaded guilty to forgery and impersonation of a lawyer.

Malik also has a prior arrest record for burglary, theft, shoplifting and criminal trespass, according to court records.

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