Sunday, July 24, 2011


New Orleans, Louisiana (SafeCITY) - Kimberly Senette, a 23-year-old New Orleans woman was jailed after she allegedly wore low-riding shorts in a court room, showing off her underwear and part of her buttocks.

According to New Orleans Police, Senette was at Jefferson Parish court attempting to persuade her younger brother, who was facing charges of armed robbery and battery on a correctional officer, to accept a plea deal.

Investigators say Senette entered the court room wearing low-riding knee-length plaid shorts and a t-shirt. When Judge Steve Windhorst asked her why her pants were hanging so low, she stated that she had been forced to remove her belt while going through security.

There was no explanation as to why she wouldn't have put her belt back on. Either way, the judge did not find her excuse acceptable.

Senette was put in handcuffs and held in the jury box on a contempt of court charge as she watched her brother accept a 12-year sentence as part of the plea agreement.

Although she originally received a 10-day sentence, she was reportedly released from after serving just two days.

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