Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Virginia Beach, VA (SafeCITY) - Henry Fitzsimmons, a 54-year-old Virginia Beach restaurant owner was jailed after he allegedly spanked his employees in exchange for employee privileges and scholarship opportunities.

According to prosecutors, five women have come forward with allegations that Fitzsimmons regularly spanked them over a five-month period - using leather straps, belts and even a horse riding crop.

Investigators say Fitzsimmons bestowed "scholarships" on women who suffered economic hardship with the warning that they would be spanked if they broke the "rules." One woman complained that the spankings caused bruises and welts that were so severe, she was unable to sit down.

Another woman stated that Fitzsimmons lashed her with a leather strap in exchange for a birthday party for her daughter. Two women stated that Fitzsimmons wouldn't allow them to leave until they agreed to beatings that often left bruises and welts on the buttocks.

Fitzsimmons is also accused of sexual battery after he allegedly used objects to penetrate some the women sexually.

Prosecutors claim Fitzsimmons preyed on women who needed financial assistance by providing those women with cash if the agreed to summit to a program of corporal punishment called "The Spencer Scholarship Program."

According to the program, cash assistance would be provided on the condition that if the consenting party broke a rule, they would be subject to spankings on their bare bottom. It further states that spanking techniques can be administered using belts, straps or other kinds of spanking devices.

A person who submits to a "Spencer Scholarship Program" is also required to permit spankings "whenever they feel such discipline would be helpful," according to a website that lists the official guidelines.

Fitzsimmons has been arraigned on two counts of abduction, five counts of assault, three counts of sexual penetration and one count of sexual battery.

In court, Fitzsimmon's attorney told the judge that the case was a concoction masterminded by an opportunistic former employee who stood to gain financially from his arrest. He also stated that the program was consensual and that no party was forced to be a part of the program.

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