Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Minneapolis, Minn. (SafeCITY) - Megan Biersach, a 23-year-old Minnetonka woman and bride-to-be, was jailed after she allegedly became intoxicated at an airport, bit a police officer and told him that she had AIDS and rabies.

According to police, Biersach was awaiting a flight to Salt Lake City where she is due to be married this week, when things turned a little crazy after she became intoxicated at the airport bar.

Biersach reportedly became angry when an agent at the gate refused to let her board her flight because she was drunk and crying.

A bartender at the airport told investigators that he served Biersach three vodka and sevens and three tequila shots during her wait as she conversed with several men at the bar.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after Biersach began creating a disturbance - and that's when things became interesting for witnesses who saw Biersach's meltdown unfold.

Investigators say Biersach began cursing and spitting at the officers. She then bit one officer hard enough on the arm to draw blood. Seeing that the officer was bleeding, she informed him that she had rabies and AIDS.

To top things off, Biersach told the officers that the men she had been drinking with at the bar had sexually assaulted her. The bartender later told investigators that there was never a disturbance in the bar and witnesses pointed out that she hugged the men as she headed towards her gate.

Shortly after her arrest, Biersach told police that she had been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. She was kept on suicide watch while at the jail and consented to a test for AIDS.

She was arraigned on two counts of felony assault on a police officer. The judge agreed to release her without bail after she explained that she was due to be married next Friday and had a groom and 150 guests waiting for her.

Biersach is scheduled to appear back in court in June.

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