Friday, May 20, 2011


Riverdale, GA (SafeCITY) - Coleman Eaton Jr., a 60-year-old substitute teacher at Riverdale Elementary School was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly urinated into a trash can while a classroom full of horrified fourth-graders looked on.

According to Riverdale Police, Eaton was in charge of a fourth-grade class when he walked to the back of the classroom, told the class "not to turn around" and then proceeded to urinate into a trash can.

"A couple of the students turned around and observed him," said Maj. Greg Barney of the Riverdale Police Department.

Eaton reportedly claimed that he was merely pouring apple juice into the trash can, however investigators deny that it was apple juice.

"We do have evidence that he did it," said Barney, who pointed out that investigators had obtained the trash can in question.

Eaton was booked into jail on two counts of child molestation. His bond has been set at $50,000.

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