Monday, May 30, 2011


Wayland, Massachusetts (SafeCITY) - George L. Chin, a 63-year-old Mattapoisett man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly beat his mentally disabled son during a Special Olympics tennis match because of the way he hit the ball.

According to the Wayland Police Department, Special Olympic staff members called police after Chin repeatedly slapped his son on the side of the head because he was not hitting the ball correctly.

Staff told investigators that Chin slapped his son 4 or 5 times with force while chiding him about his performance. He also allegedly yelled at other Special Olympic participants in regards to their performance.

In court, Chin looked baffled, questioning why he had been arrested.

"Obviously not guilty," said Chin. "I don't know why this happened."

Chin attempted to tell the judge that his arrest wasn't warranted, however the judge stopped him stating: "This is an arraignment hearing. You can't tell me a story and then I'll (just) dismiss it."

Chin was booked into jail and charged with assault and battery on a retarded person and assault and battery.

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