Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hollywood, FL (SafeCITY) - Esther Armbrister, a 20-year-old Florida woman was jailed after she allegedly stole $1,600 in cash from a hotel guest and then hid the cash inside her wig.

According to police, Armbrister had spent the night at a Hollywood Beach Hotel with a tourist who woke up the next morning to discover $1,600 in cash was missing.

Investigators believe Armbrister removed the money from the man's shorts when he wasn't wearing them. Upon realizing that the money had vanished, the man confronted Armbrister and called police.

After officers arrived, Armbrister turned her pockets inside out and opened her bra in an effort to prove to police that she really didn't take the money - but during a search, one of the officers noticed something strange about Armbrister's hair.

Investigators say the officer removed a wig from her head that had been glued on - and inside the hair piece they discovered fifteen $100 bills and six $20 bills.

Armbrister was arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail on charges of grand theft and resisting arrest.

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