Monday, April 18, 2011


Bend, Oregon (SafeCITY) - Kipp Rusty Walker, a 19-year-old Bend resident shocked a crowd of people at an open mic coffee house after he allegedly stabbed himself to death on stage following a performance.

According to Bend police, Walker was at Strictly Organic Coffee performing a keyboard song aptly named "Sorry for the Mess," when things turned messy indeed.

Witnesses say Walker had just finished the piece when he pulled out a knife with a six inch blade and began repeatedly stabbing himself in the chest with it.

Thinking it was part of his performance, the audience clapped and cheered him on. The mood quickly changed when Walker collapsed in a pool of blood. The spectators screamed in horror and some attempted to save him, but it was too late. He was rushed to St. Charles Medical Center where he died from his self-inflicted injuries.

Investigators say Walker's friend admitted that this did not come as a shock to him. He stated that Walker, who was turning 20 later this week, attempted to take his own life on March 20th, and even stated that he wanted to die in a public place. His friend also tried to warn him that if he committed suicide in public, it would "mess a lot of people up."

It's the first incident of it's kind, according to police Sgt. Chris Carney.

"You know, 19 years with the Police Department, I can't think of any event similar to this where somebody's done something in such a public forum," he said. "We still don't know the reason why he chose to do this, why he chose this location or anything and we probably never will."

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