Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dartmouth, Massachusetts (SafeCITY) - Kristopher Santillo, a 21-year-old New Bedford man and Caitlyn Ingham, a 17-year-old girl were arrested after allegedly robbing several banks.

According to police, Santillo is accused of robbing the Acushnet Federal Credit Union in Acushnet.

Investigators say Santillo walked into the bank and passed the teller a note that said "THIS IS A ROBBERY, HAND OVER ALL THE CASH IN YOUR DRAWER AND EVERYBODY WILL REMAIN SAFE!! NO ALARMS; NO DYE PACKS"

He then reportedly fled the scene with approximately $5000.

Ingham held up the Bank Five in New Bedford and a Bristol County Savings Bank in Dartmouth. Prosecutors said Ingham, admitted to robbing the banks by passing a note, much like Santillo’s note, to tellers and demanded money.

"Once the bank photos were put on TV the viewing public, like they always do, came through. We received a lot of tips," said Lt. Jeffrey P. Silva of the New Bedford Police Department. Over 10 Callers recognized his tattoo.

Detectives tracked Santillo and Ingham to a hotel after receiving several telephone calls from people who identified Ingham and Santillo from bank surveillance photos.

Both were arraigned on unarmed robbery charges. Santillo’s bail was set at $20,000 and Ingham’s bail was set at$3,500.

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