Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Marathon, Florida (SafeCITY) - Mitchell Tice, a 40-year-old Florida resident was jailed after he allegedly stole a bag of sex toys from his employer and then hid them under his bed.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Tice broke into a utility trailer owned by a couple who had employed him as a breakfast cook at their resort. Tice reportedly made off with a "bag of dildos" that the couple had stored inside.

A witness who lives near the resort stated that she saw people around the trailer on or about the date in question, but she assumed that they were resort employees and didn't call police.

Investigators say Tice's ex-girlfriend came forward in February and stated that he had recently brought home a bag of sex toys, which he then hid under the bed. She stated that he admitted to stealing them from his boss's trailer along with two laptop computers and a wig.

She brought the "bag of dildos" to police while giving her statement, which were placed into evidence. The victim later identified the toys as his, and said that they had been missing since the burglary.

The toys were returned to their rightful owner, however the laptop computers and wig remain missing. Investigators found an image of Tice wearing the wig on his cell phone, further implicating him in the burglary.

Tice was booked into the Monroe County Jail and was charged with felony burglary, criminal mischief, and theft. He is being held in lieu of $4,000 bond.