Saturday, February 12, 2011


Mason, Ohio (SafeCITY) - Stacy Lynn Schuler, a 33-year-old health and physical education teacher at Mason High School in Ohio has been arrested and indicted on charges of having sex with five students - most (if not all) of which were football players at the school.

According to Warren County authorities, Schuler has been indicted on 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of serving alcohol to an underage person.

Prosecutors say the alleged sex acts happened on five occasions between August and December of last year with five different students while she was a trainer for the school's football team. In those instances, Schuler allegedly had sex with each student and in some instances furnished alcohol to them.

Schuler tendered her resignation from the school after her release from the Warren County Jail following a bond hearing. She was released on the condition that she wear a GPS electronic monitoring device while she resides with her parents in Montgomery County.

Another head was presented to the school board guillotine in the drama that has played out following Schuler's arrest. School board members voted to accept the January 28th resignation of Mason High School Assistant Principal George Coates.

Police say Coates had allegedly sent Schuler text messages that contained sexual images. Schuler reportedly told school authorities about the messages shortly before she was forced to take a leave of absence pending the investigation into her case.

If convicted on all charges, Schuler could be sentenced to up to 81 years in jail. (umm yeah, whatever)...

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