Sunday, February 6, 2011


Fort Worth, Texas (SafeCITY) - James Apple, a 24-year-old Fort Worth man, was jailed after he allegedly stood naked on top of a billboard for hours, stopping traffic with his repeated shenanigans.

According to Fort Worth police, Apple was camped naked atop a billboard near Trinity Park for nearly five hours.

When authorities asked him to come down, he reportedly threatened to jump and begged for help.

Apple stated that his family was dead and repeatedly screamed "Where's my family?" At one point he reportedly became sick and vomited over one side of the billboard.

The behavior was bizarre considering his family was waiting in the crowd below, attempting to coax him down with a megaphone.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon, police were finally able to coax him down by informing him that it was about to rain. Apple was provided a pair of retina saving shorts and then transported to a local hospital where he was placed under a 72-hour watch. The observation period is standard procedure for those who threaten suicide.

The billboard he was on is approximately four stories high and had a "We Buy Ugly Houses" advertisement on one side and a Museum of Living Art advertisement on the other. The ladder itself is around 12 feet off the ground, leaving police baffled as to how he was able to climb up.

Apple's family stated that the incident was likely due to drugs and that he suffered from a psychological condition. He also recently lost his job at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, adding fuel to the mental fire.

Police stated that it is unlikely Apple will face charges over the incident.

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