Saturday, January 8, 2011


Waseca, Minnesota (SafeCITY) - Terry Allen Lester, a 37-year-old Minnesota man was jailed after he allegedly crafted a bomb inside a sex toy, which he intended to give to an ex-girlfriend as a Christmas present.

And police believe he may have intended to create two more bombs, for two additional ex-girlfriends.

According to Waseca police, Lester had been staying with two women when the apartment manager discovered his presence and forced him to move out of the apartment. Lester moved out, but left behind several bags and a container that was marked "Christmas presents" with black magic marker.

Investigators say a woman living at the residence contacted police after peeking inside the container and discovering a strange device that concerned her. When police arrived, they took a look at the device and immediately called out the department's bomb squad.

Inside the container, bomb experts found a sex toy that had been wired to a trigger that appeared to have come from a power drill. Investigators had the device X-rayed, which revealed that it had been filled with gunpowder, bb-shot, and buck shot.

Police also found a bag of tools that are believed to have been used to create the device. The bag also contained cords, cables and two additional sex toys that had not yet been altered.

An investigation revealed that Lester had been involved with three recent relationships that ended badly for him. It's believed he had created the first device as a Christmas present for one of the three ex-girlfriends..... and two additional devices may have been waiting to be altered in the same manner.

Lester was booked into jail on charges of felony creation and possession of an explosive or incendiary device and felony terroristic threats.

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