Friday, December 10, 2010


Fresno, California (SafeCITY) - Preston Hill, a 17-year-old wrestler from Buchanan High School has been arrested after he allegedly attacked a teammate during a practice wrestling match and took a wrestling move called the "butt drag" too far.

The teen faced trial on sexual battery charges after he allegedly attacked a 15-year-old teammate back by allegedly taking a legal wrestling move called the "butt drag" too far.

The move, when performed in accordance with the rules, involves grabbing an opponent between the buttocks in an effort to turn or position him.

Investigators say the teen went well beyond the sanctioned move by placing his fingers deep into the boy's rectum, causing intense pain.

The freshman, who hasn't been named, has stated the older teen has been harassing him recently and believes the suspect took things too far intentionally.

The suspect has since been expelled from school and was reportedly offered a plea deal that would essentially render the case dismissed if the teen stayed out of trouble for the next 6 months. The teen reportedly rejected the deal because he feels he "didn't do anything wrong."

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