Monday, November 29, 2010


Upper Darby, PA (SafeCITY) - Denise Merget, 58 and her neighbor Margaret Doughterty, 41, were arrested last week after they allegedly began two unique home businesses across the street from another that didn't quite jive with authorities.

According to Upper Darby Police, investigators searched Merget's home on Wednesday, finding 20 frozen dead cats that had been stored in a freezer.

Investigators say the majority of the cats were just babies that were wrapped in plastic bags and stored for an unknown purpose. Police were alerted when Merget pulled a gun on an ASPCA agent who arrived at her home to confiscate her 55 cats.

Meanwhile her neighbor from across the street, Margaret Dougherty, operated a sex brothel out of her suburban home.

Investigators were alerted to Dougherty's business after a neighbors discovered a flier in the neighborhood that offered "massages by beautiful women." Dougherty allegedly operated the brothel when her son was in school.

An employee working out of the home as a prostitute, Amy Prudish, was also arrested.

Merget was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm. She may also be charged with animal cruelty after autopsies on the kittens have been concluded.

Dougherty and her employee were arrested on prostitution charges.

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