Saturday, November 6, 2010


Baltimore, Maryland (SafeCITY) - Andrew Palmer, a 43-year-old Maryland man was jailed after he allegedly dined and drank at several restaurants without ever paying the tab.

He skipped out each time by faking seizures.

According to Police, Palmer dined at several restaurants including Capital Grille, Ding How Restaurant, Maisy's Restaurant Burke's Cafe and Borinken Bar. But when it came time to pay the bill, Palmer had a plan to avoid paying the tab.

Investigators say at the conclusion of each meal, Palmer feigned a seizure. When medical personnel showed up, he was ferried out the door without paying.

According to court records, Palmer has a lengthy criminal record which includes some 89 arrests for crimes of theft or other other similar charges. He was convicted in 34 of those cases.

Palmer was booked into jail on one count of theft. In consideration of his lengthy record, Palmer was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 18 months in jail....... where he gets to skip the tab every day while you and me pay the bill.

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