Thursday, September 30, 2010


Memphis, Tennessee (SafeCITY) - Quadrick Jacoby Williams, a 23-year-old cross dresser and prostitute from Tennessee was jailed after he was found shacked up in a motel for months, compliments of a dude's credit card.

According to Olive Branch Police, a New Jersey man suddenly lost half of his hair when he opened up his credit card statement to discover someone had racked up over $11,000 in charges in his name.

Authorities followed the trail of wild spending to a motel, where they found Williams living a life of hosiery and purple highlights for over three months at the victim's expense.

Investigators are still not sure how Williams obtained the man's credit card information, however they didn't waste much time moving him to a jail cell where tax payers will continue to pick up his tab.

Williams was booked into the Desoto County Jail on charges of felony credit card fraud. He reportedly has prior arrests for prostitution in Memphis and Nashville.

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