Friday, July 16, 2010


West Hollywood, California (SafeCITY) - An unidentified man was jailed after he allegedly ran around Robertson Blvd with his pants down, holding a bottle of whisky and harassing passers by.

According to witnesses, various Twitter tweeters and West Hollywood Paparazzi, the intoxicated man reportedly harassed shoppers and business owners as he took random swigs from a bottle of whisky held in his right hand.

During the wino bizarre that unfolded, the man allegedly chased after a woman with a baby stroller and even forced shoppers at the Intermix store to barricade themselves inside as he ogled them from just outside the glass door and windows.

He reportedly attempted to pull his pants up on a couple of occasions, however his efforts only seemed to result in lowering his trousers further.

Although police had already been contacted, officers stepped up their response when the man began to threaten witnesses who tried to steer clear of him.

Although several sites are reporting that the man threw the whisky bottle at a pedestrian, it appears to us that police took the bottle from the man and set it on the sidewalk as they took him into custody.

When he was finally taken down, he had succeeded in becoming entirely naked from the waist down.

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