Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Martin County, Florida (SafeCITY) - Jason P. Bromley, a 27-year-old Stuart man was jailed after he allegedly threw his drink at a bar's T.V. because a bouncer told him to pull up his pants. Obviously, the bouncers did not like his attitude.

According to Broward police, a security gaurd at BJ's Sports Bar & Grill told Bromley to pull up his pants several times or he would have to leave.

Investigators say around 2:00 a.m., Bromley became angry and threw his drink at a television owned by the bar. He then walked outside and began kicking other bar patron's vehicles.

Guards came outside to see what the problem was and found Bromely on the ground, screaming at passers-by. The bouncers attempted to calm Bromley down, but he refused and started attacking them and other patrons. The guards defended themselves, resulting in the mugshot above.

Bromley was booked into jail and charged with misdemeanor disorderly

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