Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lindenhurst, IL (SafeCITY) - Michael Tangney, Jr, a 19-year-old Lindenhurst teenager, plead guilty for allegedly attempting to poison his mother by putting antifreeze in her coffee maker.

Tangney, however, told police it was meant to be a practical joke.

According to Lake County police, the suspect's mother, Joyce Tangney, was hospitalized when she became unusually ill.

Medical professionals determined the victim was suffering from ethylene glycol poisoning, a substance used in de-icing solutions and antifreeze. She fully recovered several days later and was released.

Investigators say detectives questioned Tangney Jr. and he confessed that he put antifreeze in his mother's coffee maker - but insisted it was meant as a practical joke.

Tangney was booked into jail and originally charged with felony heinous battery, requiring 6 to 30 years prison time. However, because his parents did not want him to go to prison, he was allowed to plead guilty to aggravated battery and will likely face probation.

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