Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lorain, OH (SafeCITY) – Ivan Rak, a 45-year-old Lorain man was jailed after he allegedly broke into his tenant’s home and slept nude on her couch, then later evicted her.

According to Lorain police, Rak reportedly entered the woman’s home last month without her permission and was sleeping nude on her couch when she returned home from work.

The victim told investigators that she has had several run-ins with Rak since moving in November, including a time when her bath was ran for her and another time when he left a suitcase full of clothes at the her residence then kept calling her to ask where he should put them.

On Saturday Rak evicted the woman from her residence, packing up all of her clothing and telling her she had to move out. Police say all of the woman’s undergarments were missing. Imagine that…

Rak stated that on the night he slept on the woman’s couch, he didn’t know she was going to come home. Police say that a landlord can legally enter a tenant’s home in an emergency, which clearly was never the case in any of the incidents.

On Monday in Lorain Municipal Court Rak plead not guilty to charges of menacing. He signed a protective order agreeing to stay away from the victim.

Rak’s next court date is scheduled for February 23rd.

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