Friday, February 5, 2010


St. Helens, OR (SafeCITY) - Ian Rushing, a 27-year-old Oregon man who police have dubbed "The St. Helens Flasher" was arrested after he terrorized local residents with his man thing.

According to St. Helens police, incidents of public indecency and sex abuse began occurring when Rushing exposed himself to a laundromat worker on January 11th.

Investigators say a female employee at Cascade Cleaners in St. Helens was closing up shop when a man grabbed her from behind. When the woman pushed him away, he reportedly exposed himself before fleeing the scene.

Rushing is also a suspect in another incident of flashing during the past few weeks where a man reportedly exposed himself to a woman and began masturbating in front of her. Another woman told police Rushing approached her inside a laundromat, exposed his genitals, and then asked for sexual favors.

Lt. Terry Moss of the St. Helens Police Department said there were at least four incidents of indecency that occurred at various Laundromats.

Descriptions of a man with a bad tooth, slender build and short brown hair eventually led police to Rushing, who reportedly lived in an apartment nearby. Rushing's silver minivan was also a clue that was used to track him down.

Rushing was taken into custody at the St. Helen's Police Department and booked into jail on charges of public indecency, 3rd-degree sexual abuse and violating his probation. Bail in his case was set at $20,000

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