Thursday, October 8, 2009


Slidel, Louisiana (SafeCITY) - An unidentified naked man who burglarized a woman's home was captured on the home's surveillance camera. The video captured a nude man showering, eating and having several drinks inside her home while she was away for the weekend.

According to Slidel police, the home's 61-year-old owner had just returned from visiting her son over the weekend when she checked the home's surveillance video system and found a surprise. An unknown man visited her home without a single thread of clothing on.

Investigators say the man knocked on the woman's door. When no one responded, he proceeded around to the back of the house, hung out on the woman's patio furniture and then decided it was time to go inside.

Police say the man broke out several rear windows and invited himself into the woman's home. Once inside, the man cooked himself a meal, had several drinks and then took a shower before wrapping himself in a towel and departing the premises.

Although the intruder ransacked the woman's home before leaving, investigators do not believe anything was stolen. Detectives believe the man might have been intoxicated when he visited the home. (ya think?)

Despite video of the suspect and a number of identifying tattoos, police say they have received few clues about the man's identify.

Know him? Call police at 985-646-6172.

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