Monday, October 19, 2009


Liberty, MO (SafeCITY) – Callie Smith, 23, was formally charged after horrified onlookers at an apartment complex watched her drop her toddler son off of a balcony.

According to the Liberty Police Department, a nude Smith vandalized several cars before ultimately swinging her little boy off of her apartment’s balcony.

Authorities say the mother of two was previously vandalizing vehicles belonging to the residents of the complex and jumping naked on top of them.

A witness told police that Smith then went to a second floor balcony, where she held her 22-month-old son by one arm and one leg then threw him over the edge.

According to police, witnesses heard her threaten to throw the boy off of the balcony prior to her actually doing it. Someone was able to catch the boy before he hit the ground, and he was not injured.

Witness Sharon Lippitt believes the episode may have been drug inducing, stating that, “she was a very loving, sweet mother, but on that particular day, something definitely went down.” Police refused to comment on Smith’s alleged drug use.

Smith was arrested and taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

She was formally charged with first-degree assault and tampering and is being held on $100,000 bond.

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