Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sacramento, California - Dmitriy Orlov, a 22-year-old California man was Tased, shot and then finally arrested Friday after witnesses complained he was chasing cars and jumping on them like an ape.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched after receiving a report that a man was acting violently while chasing cars and jumping up and down on them.

Investigators say deputies arrived and ordered Orlov to stop, but he refused to comply. Deputies attempted to Tase him with a stun gun, but their efforts had no effect and Orlov fled the scene on foot.

During a foot chase, a deputy fired a shot after it appeared Orlov drew a weapon and pointed it towards pursuing officers. The shot missed Orlov who continued the foot chase a bit further until finally surrendering to authorities.

Orlov was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of felony vandalism and resisting arrest.

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