Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Melbourne, Florida (SafeCITY) - Jennifer Lynn Hearn, a 40-year-old Melbourne woman has been jailed after she allegedly shot her husband to death, buried him in a pigpen, then bragged about her newly single life on Facebook.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, an investigation was launched after a witness called detectives and informed them that Hearn admitted to shooting her husband to death and then burying him in a pig pen in her back yard.

Meanwhile, Hearn had led friends to believe that her husband had moved out to be with another woman. Neighbors say the couple was known for having a rocky relationship, however they doubted Hearn's husband had moved away because his truck was still in the couple's driveway.

Carl "Cliff" Hearn, 41, was discovered buried about two feet under the pig pen in the couple's back yard. Detectives believe that Hearn shot her husband to death during a heated argument.

Just a few weeks after the murder, Hearn began posting Facebook status updates, bragging about her new life as a single woman. She also remarked about a new relationship that she had found.

"Wow. I am so glad one person walked out of my life so others could walk in," Hearn posted on Facebook. "I love being single."

"(SIC) All I have to say is this guy is really amazing so I can't imagine what I've been missing I can not say how happy I am I got work, beautiful children, great friends, and the possibility of being happy even if it ain't with him now I know there are good men out there I love it."

Hearn was booked into the Brevard County Jail and charged with second-degree murder. She is being held without bond, and is scheduled to appear in court on October 25th.

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