Monday, August 29, 2011


Stafford, Virginia (SafeCITY) Joynee Carter, a 19-year-old Virginia woman, was arrested after she reportedly flipped police officer the bird as they were processing an accident scene.

According to the Stafford Sheriff’s Office, officers were processing a car accident that required shutting down the road and then diverting traffic through a nearby parking lot.

Investigators say, Carter drove through the road-block and almost hit a deputy. When officers yelled at Carter to pay attention, she responded by flipping off police as she drove through.

Police followed the woman for eight-miles and during the pursuit, Carter refused to stop and ran a red light. Carter eventually pulled into her driveway where she proceeded to lock her car doors and windows and blared her car horn.             

A family member gave police a key to Carter’s car and took her into custody.

Carter was booked into the Rappahannock Regional Jail on charges of felony eluding, obstruction of justice, reckless driving and running a red light.

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